System Backup

Computer Service for System Backups in Baltimore

Almost everyone has heard about the importance of backing up. Your data is the most valuable thing in the computer and is in most cases impossible to recreate. Pictures for example. If you can imagine your computer dying and losing everything overnight you may get a better idea of why you should backup. It is the best insurance you can have against heartache, etc. The problem is that most people whether business users or home users do not do it. Typically this is because they do not know how or what to backup. We believe in 2 basic backup rules. It must be easy and fast or it will not get done and also that it must be easy to verify. When it is explained to you in plain language the decisions you need to make are easy.

  1. What do I need to back up? Typically this includes either parts or all of the following items. Documents, Spreadsheets, Emails, Address Books, Favorites, Banking, Pictures, Music. Programs cannot be backed up so you will want to keep all original installation disks in case of a system crash.
  2. What do I back up to? There are many options. Cd’s, DVD’s. Memory Sticks, External Hard Drives,Online. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. We can help you select the one that best suits your needs.
  3. How do I do it? This is the easy part for us. We custom write you a backup program that will back up your data with just one click of the mouse at whatever interval you like. We prefer doing it daily. This can take just a few minutes a day with even large amounts of data. It only takes us about 15 minutes to create this program for you so it is very affordable.

Please do not delay in backing up your data and verifying that it was actually backed up as the alternative is not a very good one.


If you have a system crash or have accidently deleted files immediately shut the computer off. We are experts in data recovery and this will greatly increase the chance of success. We pride ourselves in saving many clients from financial and emotional hardship and stress by recovering data that was thought to be lost forever.


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