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Professional On-Site Computer Repair and Maintenance Services in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Harford County and Howard County

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Whether you have 1 or 50 computers, we come to you to fix your problem on the spot.

Our trained computer technicians in Baltimore will go to your home or office to provide professional on-site service and tech support. You do not have to worry about disassembling your system and exposing it to various risks during transport as we can diagnose, repair or resolve issues quickly and efficiently right where you are.

We stay on top of the latest technology issues so you do not have to. This allows you to spend time on productive use of technology.

We specialize in small business support and can introduce big business technology to your system without any complications or confusion. We will explain all the technology that you need in plain English so that you can easily understand without wasting your time deciphering computer jargon. You will never hear us speak in techno-babble or geek speak.

We offer training that will enable you to run your system smoothly in no time.


The Computer Doctors